Taken February 5, 2010Caitlin McFly is an interior design major living in the Los Angeles area. She grew up within earshot of Disneyland and now spends most of her time within sight of the Hollywood sign. Her interests are generally in the range of history, art, literature, and media, though any subject can hold her attention if talked about in a passionate way. Caitlin first got into writing as a child, and that has always been her primary love and self-proclaimed best skill. She dabbled in visual arts independently, but not seriously enough to follow beyond the occasional doodle. Her friends know her to reclaim and recyle things like old costume jewelry into chic, one-of-a-kind pins, earrings, and bracelets. She fell in love with cooking and baking in her mid teens, and has educated herself through reading cookbooks and religious viewing of The Food Network. Caitlin enjoys working with her hands and physically creating something most of all, and any activity that allows that is something she seriously enjoys. Caitlin grew up going to Disneyland like most kids would go to the park or the mall, and anything Disney is a huge passion of hers (as you may have noticed.) She was hired there in September of 2010 as a retail host on the west side of the park, which has sort of made her life thus far. Sadly.