(Sidenote: Googling “hooks and needles” comes up with a link to a site that sells Valium and Viagra at reduced prices. I don’t understand, and I don’t think I want to.)

I’ve been really lazy this summer. There were a lot of things I promised myself I’d do before school started–before September–but most of them didn’t happen, including getting a license and getting all new furniture for my room. The first was laziness, the second…well…. It’s hard to save money sometimes. Like when I’m the type of person who would rather buy my own food, treat my boyfriend to things,  and get craft or costume supplies instead of save money. That’s oversimplifying it I think, but it’s sort of the truth too.

One thing I have purchased recently, however, are three skeins of yarn. My bestest work buddy Megs and I went to our local 24-hour Wal-Mart after closing one night because she needed school supplies, and then I wandered into the yarn and fabric section. In terms of fabric, it wasn’t even a JoAnn’s really, but boy did they have yarn. I’m not an expert at

Delicious color schemes ;)

Yarn skeins!

purchasing the stuff, all I know is what feels nice to the touch and what looks pretty. I ended up buying three skeins of a rather cheap yarn in the same pattern but different colors. The one on the right is being made into a big fluffy scarf for Megs, color per her request. The only thing I really know how to do with yarn is how to knit, and I only recently learned the purl stitch, which I am utilizing on the scarf. Alternating rows of stitches is about as advanced as I’m gonna get right now, but it certainly looks nice. I think just keep working at it and doing row after row to practice is helping to strengthen my knitting skills. I am considering getting a circular needle so I can make myself a knit beret hat. I’ve found some cool methods of knitting that will give it a cool texture in time for fall. I want to use the white rainbow speckle yarn for whatever hat I make.

I went to Michael’s Crafts today to walk around with my man, and while we were there we looked at the yarn and knitting supply section. I came across a book and kit called “I Taught Myself Crochet,” and it was my purchase of the day. It came with six hooks, a yarn needle, stitch markers, and some sort of bobbin, I have no idea what it is. Either way, it’s serving as a good reference for stitches at the very least, and it came with instructions for about a dozen different projects. I’ve tried a few times to start on a hat, but I want to finish the scarf before I actually start on something else.

In other news, I’m still trying to decide on my Halloween costume for this year. I went from something super ambitious (the Haunted Mansion’s tightrope walker) to something only mildly ambitious (a steampunk airship captain) to something really easy to put together, which is one of a few ideas right now. It’s between Marcelline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time and Amanda Palmer in the Dresden Dolls era. I very likely will do both at different times as they’re both rather easy and comfortable. Or I’ll wear last year’s costume which didn’t see enough moonlight last year. Eh. I have time still… I hope, what with my new job and all.