Greetings, ghost fans! As most of you are probably aware, Halloween is this Saturday. If you weren’t aware, well, you must not have left the house in a few months and haven’t had access to ouside media for that same amount of time. (How you’re on the internet now is the REAL question.) If you’ve ever read this blog previously, you know that a Halloween party was planned for this year in my household….That fell through. Instead, some friends and I are going to have dinner and go cosmic bowling all in costume! It’s like how we usually hang out, except a little dorkier.
Now, I planned on posting this last night, but things got busy. I have a job now (yay!) as a hostess at a fantastic Italian chain restaurant in California (hint: it’s not Macaroni Grill, Olive Garden, or Buca Di Beppo)Ā  which is a recent development, and I actually had my first shift tonight. It was fun, my manager forced free food on me and said it was part of my training, to familiarize myself with the menu. It was delicious.

Now, to deviate from the norm for me, I’m going to teach you how to do a cool but subtle vamp makeup tutorial. I was looking all over for a makeup tutorial based on the vampires from the tv series True Blood, and I couldn’t find one but I read an interview with one of the makeup artists which revealed some tips. The vamps on the show always look very pale and their eyes are always very red and swollen, but not unattractive. Their lips are always bloody but in a way you can’t quite put your finger on, which I think is not only creepy but really sexy. This makeup tutorial is suitable for both men and women, and can be adapted in any way you see fit.

Avon Magix

My face perfector! šŸ˜€

So the first step is to apply a primer. If you don’t have a primer or haven’t used one before, get one and prepare to fall in love. I use Avon Magix because it goes on like thick moisturizer, and often I’ll use that as a foundation in itself under powder (though it’s actually translucent.) This one has an SPF in it, which is an added bonus.
Sidenote: You’ll see that I use a lot of Avon products because my mom sells them and she can get them for me for cheap. Generally, their stuff is of a good quality and well priced, and I reccomend finding your local Avon rep to at least get the latest catalogue.

The next step I took was to cover my face fully with foundation. I am naturally

Me, incredibly pale

Me, super pale

kinda pale but I have a hard time finding the right shade, but with a now defunct Covergirl brand, I was able to find the right tones. I accidentally got one that was too light before they reformulated the line, but it was just perfect for what I was doing right now. If you’re curious, it’s Covergirl Advanced Radience in Classic Ivory.
Please note that the line still exists, but it was reformulated to be a bit thicker. It will still do the trick for something like this, especially because for someone like me it looks like clown makeup.
After this, I did the eye makeup, which was actually really easy. I took a red wine colored eyeshadow and laid it heavily over my upper lid and over the crease slightly, getting it over the inner corner

Borghese in "Wine"

The shadow, before blending. This is Borghese in "Wine"

slightly. I blended it into the crease and outward slightly, paying special attention around the inner corner and the outer side.
After that, blend a little bit of the shadow into your lower lid, enough to give it a reddish hue. Blend the lower lid into the exterior powder on the upper lid so it has a more natural transition. If you have a liner to match the eyeshadow, I’d suggest lining your waterline (I just live dangerously and press a bit of powder onto it.) This creates a really unearthly look, but you’re okay if you decide not to line it.

The Result

The end result with the shadow. No, I didn't secretly line with black, I have naturally thick lashes.

The next step is mascara. You don’t NEED to do this, but I felt like it’d add a more feminine look to what is otherwise rather unisex. I used Avon SpectraLash mascara. I like it because it’s sort of everything a gal needs in one as the length and thickness can be decided by a turn of a dial. I kept it on the lowest setting for this, just to keep it subtle.

Now comes what is (marginally) the most difficult part of the makeup. I took a bright red lipstain and put a nice dot of it in the middle of my lower lip, sitting more towards the inside of the

The lip stain

The lip's not blood, I promise.

lip. I used Revlon’s Just Bitten in Cherry Tart. Using your finger, blend it into the folds of your lip and towards the corners for your mouth. Before the stain is dry, lightly press your lips together to get a slight stain on the upper lip to match the lower lip.

As a final touch before powdering, take a large brush (I used a powder brush for this, actually, and a seperate kabuki brush for my whole face) and dust it in gray/black/brown powder or eyeshadow and lightly streak it directly under your cheekbone to create the illusion of shadow. This can be as dark or as light as you’d like. I kept mine relatively light so it would only show up under certain lighting conditions. This gives the illusion of sunken in cheeks, like you’ve been slightly starved.
An option to add to this is to shade all of the fosas on the face, which is basically anywhere that has a slight dip to it: your temples, around the sides of your nose, under your cheekbones, and right under the edge of your jawline to sharpen it. I wouldn’t do this personally, this is more of a skeletal thing than a vampire thing.
After the shading, the last step is to apply a light powder all over your face. I used baby powder (I’m totally serious)to get the effect I wanted, and boy was I WHITE. It was amazing. Some of the photos I took didn’t come out because of my paleness. The end result was rather spectacular….And now, for the finished product (with Marie Antoinette hair and my spooktacular Halloween costume!)

My costume, hair, and makeup

My costume, complete with hair and makeup

My costume again, but with a fan

The fan I got from Olvera Street in Los Angeles for about $10. They had a lot of nifty Day of the Dead stuff, too.

With the mask

This sort of sums up my costume. It started off as the ghost of Marie Antoinette, but now it's turned into a Masqerade Vampire. My boyfriend may use a Venitian mask he got in Italy and match me šŸ˜‰

That’s basically it, guys! I’d love to see your versions of this, everyone! Happy Halloween, and have fun!