So. I think I have swine flu. I mean, it might not be, but with all the hype in the media it might as well be. Whatever this is, it really, really, really sucks. I’m sore EVERYWHERE to the point where I can’t sleep well. All I did yesterday was sleep–and I mean, that’s all I did. I had a hard time walking from the living room to the kitchen without getting dizzy. I wanted to shower desperately, but I was too woozy to stand for more than a few minutes. Today I feel better, my head doesn’t hurt as much and I don’t feel the need to sleep, but my tonsils are EXTREMELY swollen. If not for that last part, I’d be feeling like a million bucks today. ….Other than still being a little dizzy when I walk around or stand for too long.

What makes this worse is the fact that I’m in the middle of all of the fires, and I get super sensitive to smoke. Last fall I went to Disneyland while a fire was going on in Anahiem and I ended up getting extremely sick but without a fever. I was sick for about a month while my system worked out the smoke crap. I’d say that what I’ve got now is from the smoke except for the fact that I’ve had a relatively high fever the entire time, and with the smoke sickness I didn’t have a fever. (Yesterday the thermometer said it was in the 102° area, but today thus far it’s read that I’m in the 97° area. Go figure.)

Whatever I’ve got, try not to get it. This illness is hell. It’s the worst flu I’ve ever had. I can’t sleep and that’s all I want to do. I’m totally starving but the act of eating makes me feel sick. I would kill for pizza or tacos right now, but I can’t have any because of the act of eating thing….And because of that, I have legitimately thought of making a food smoothie, which makes me feel uncomfortable with myself because that’s just naasty.

On the other hand, this staying home and not at school is rather nice. I won’t say that come this weekend when I’m feeling better and have to catch up on work in  my two lab classes (computers and clothing construction) and notes in my child development class, but til then, I like this. Kinda. I’ve been reading a lot of, which makes me feel a lot less alone in the world in terms of interacting with strangers in odd ways, love of Harry Potter and other so-called childish things, desires to build forts, and realizing the person you’re with might be your soul mate based on the strange things they do. (Michael sometimes won’t let me cross the threshold to the kitchen in his house unless he carries me though the doorway. It’s adorable, strange, and I love him for it.)

Yesterday, between feeling like hell and sleeping (which was about an hour collectively) I decided to search for food of my childhood. I couldn’t find the Disney ice cream I loved so much–it was Hercules themed, I remember, and it came with candies you topped the ice cream with, and if anyone knows of an article about it to prove I’m not crazy it would be much appreciated. However, I DID find evidence that the Super Mario Bros soda that I drank as a kid actually existed. It was in this article which was how I found out that they don’t make Slice anymore, and that Vault is just a renamed, different colored version of Surge.  Also, clear Pepsi? Of course that wouldn’t work. People associate color with taste.

At this point, I see that I am just rambling about nothing. I have no point with this post other than to complain. I am done, for now.