Ah, the infrequent insanity known as my life. Last week my computer cord finally died and my mom ordered me a new one. (It’s so fun to be an unemployed college student.) I went to the boyfriend’s house for about a week, obviously sans laptop, and I didn’t come home til two nights ago.

The last 48 hours have been insane. I have totally forgotten what going to school feels like, and now I have to adjust to only going two days a week as opposed to my four last semester. Yesterday was potentially the longest day I’ve experienced in a while, though I admit that might be due to my usual habit of staying up until three or four in the morning and sleeping until after noon, and getting up before nine is really strange for me. It doesn’t help that my classes are from 8:00AM to 10:00PM, which might account for the length of the day in general. Luckily for me, as I’ve stated, I only have classes two days a week, so Tuesdays are great since I have the whole day do to nothing. Or, y’know, work on class stuff.

I have a habit of getting caught up in long term planning and, at least lately, I’ll have everything planned or picked out beforehand. This has always happened–and usually will end up in lists of some kind. (Like in the case of the Alice Halloween party. It’s all planned out, but all lists right now.) Right now, for my planning excitement, is a friend’s wedding, which is coming up in about three months. I’ve been looking at dresses and trying to figure out a tentative outfit, which I already sort of have laid out if plans don’t change from now. My mom bought a red halter knee-length dress a few years ago, but she never wore it–it still had the tags on it, so she just handed it to me. I tried it on and saw instantly what else I’d need to wear with it: a sweet black cardigan, black heels, and, potentially, a flat, veiled black cocktail hat (with feathers if I can manage.) With appropriate hair and makeup, I could have an outfit suitable for not only the wedding, but any jazz fest I happen upon and going to the Cicada Club whenever my brother performs there.
I’m rambling. (Though I guess that’s the point of this.) Anyway, I know I have to wait for the invitation to actually arrive–I’ve been informed of the date but no other details–before I can actually choose what I’m wearing as I need to see what sort of dress is specified.
Actually, I’m incredibly excited about this whole business. This will be the first wedding I’ve gone to that wasn’t for a family member or a family friend I was too young to care about–this is my man Bradley we’re talking about. Brad and I were seriously, seriously close at one time, talking every day and sometimes having incredibly long conversations about nothing late at night. I love him like family, truly. What’s funny about our friendship, though, is there is almost a twenty year age gap between us, but that has never bothered me (or my family, surprisingly, seeing as I met then-36-year-old Brad when I was 17.)
Anyway, regardless of that oddity, I’m super-duper excited for this, if only for my own selfish reasons  [which is WEDDING OH MY GOD I GET TO DRESS UP FANCY AND MAKE MICHAEL DRESS UP FANCY AND HAVE FUN WITH PEOPLE I KNOW AND LOVE WHILE THEY’RE DRESSED UP FANCY AND DRUNK] and I think it will be worth a long semester for.

Speaking of school again, I have to be up in four hours. Goodbye until tomorrow, all!