So this week would have been more eventful on McFly.Vintage if not for two things:
1) I went to Disneyland last Monday. That morning, before leaving, I registered for my fall classes and in the whirlwind rush to get ready to leave for the Happiest Place on Earth, I forgot that I had left a cup of water sitting on my vanity, above my mini table where my laptop lives. (Sidenote: I have a desk, but my sewing machine invaded while my computer was distracted by constantly being used.) My cat got locked in my room and knocked over my cup…all over my computer and a few notebooks that I had left on my mini table. It didn’t work for a few days, but it was just a matter of letting it dry out.
2) Less involved reason, but I went to Michael’s (boyfriend) for the week and didn’t want to carry a potentially broken computer with me the whole time. Due to budget constraints on our part which consisted of not leaving the house unless we were doing something free or someone else was paying, this ended up being a bad decision on my part.

Anyway, I’m back now, with potentially the most random post EVAH. Lots of cooking stuff, so for those of you looking for one-person meal deliciousness or something different, I do believe you’re in the right place!
This week, I’ve been eating a lot of eggs. Dunno why, though I think it was because Shari (Michael’s mom, who is amazingly cool) bought some last time we went to the store. Twice this week I made the same small meal, which is like an omelet but not as complicated. It’s more of a scramble, like you get at Denny’s, but you have more control over the quality. (I can’t make a truly good omelet to save my life, actually, so I sort of adapted to making this in its place.) Oh boy, are you ready to find out how I did it?!
(Just a bit of FYI: Based on the fact that I don’t really measure anything unless I’m following a recipe or baking, I don’t see the point of telling you a list of things to gather to use to replicate exactly what I made for myself. I’ll bold what the ingredients are for each, however, and if you’re keeping score at home you can write it down. Otherwise, email me and I’ll try to construct a basic measured variation if you’re that concerned about your own cooking being exact :D.)

Okay, so first thing I did was I tore up a few slices of deli turkey. I tore it more because I didn’t want to dirty a knife, but it ended up having a really cool texture that I liked. Then I mixed up two eggs and approximately two tablespoons of water for a scrambled egg base. I sprayed a pan down with some Pam and poured the eggs in, then after a moment of letting the base cook up a bit, I scattered in the turkey. Because it’s my absolute favorite flavor in the world, I added a generous pinch of ground chipotle pepper for some general spice. I scrambled the eggs as usual, keeping it over a medium heat, and tossing the eggs and stirring constantly til it was done to my liking, then I topped it all with cheese once it was on a plate. Paired with toast with jam and orange juice, it made a nice late breakfast (and a few days later, a nice midnight meal.)
About the chipotle for a second. I like it a lot, it adds like a smoky barbecue sauce flavor to whatever I add it to, and then you don’t need much else but perhaps a sprinkling of salt, depending on the dish. I do that with canned tuna a lot–enough mayo to make everything clump together, a bit of chipotle, a dash of salt. Tasty. If you don’t have any, try and find it with the ground spices in the spice aisle, and use it wherever you can manage it!

The second meal I made–though this was by far not my delightfully original take–was a simple pork and beans dish. (Ironically, and not planned, I am listening to the Weezer song of the same name as I type this.) It was the second night in a row that we had it, but it was more because of a surplus of hunger and a lack of desire for doing anything difficult that prompted the second-night meal. While my Michael washed some dishes, I sliced and pan-fried some turkey hotdogs and heated some baked beans on the stovetop. When the dogs were done, I let ’em stew with the beans for a few while we finished dishes. Delicious and easy, two of my favorite things. Oh yeah, and unhealthy, but at least the hot dogs were actually white meat! I think we watched TRON while we ate our deliciously unhealthy (but protein-filled) meal. So Michael and I are not only geeks, but lazy geeks.

The last of my cooking delights while I was at Michael’s was last night and possibly the most delicious out of all of them. While at the store this past week (though really, every time we’re at the store) we purchase the Birdseye Steamfresh veggie bags. I usually go for mixed or something with broccoli or water chestnuts (or both) while he goes for peas and corn. And ONLY peas and corn. He can eat an entire bag of peas in one sitting.
Last night, in hunger desperation, we decided to make our bags of Steamfresh deliciousness as meals. I’m not complaining, he ate something green that wasn’t a salad. (Sidenote: He’s been eating very well lately, and I’m the one who hasn’t, so I can’t really say that, haha.) I had gotten a bag of rice, peas, and carrots, and I made fried rice out of it.
First thing I did was I steamed the bag of long grain white rice and mixed vegetables (that’s exactly what it says on the bag if you want to look for it.) This took about four minutes, so I took the time to prep my pan with some sesame oil over a low heat. Once the rice was done, I let it sit for a few while I pan-scrambled an egg and chopped it finely with the spatula. I dislike this method of scrambling eggs generally as it makes them somewhat burnt and flavorless, but it works well for fried rice. I then poured in the rice and veggies and mixed them with the scrambled and chopped-up egg and let them sit for a few, stirring every so often.
Now, what most people don’t realize about fried rice is that it’s usually made from leftover steamed rice–even in restaurants, that’s how they do it. If the rice gets too crunchy or old to serve as fresh steamed rice, they pop it in the refrigerator overnight and, when pan-fried with veggies and all, it gets a new lease on deliciousness the next day. Fried rice, when made at home, will taste best if made with day old rice–the previous night’s takeout leftovers are a safe bet, especially if you have leftover veggies, too, and if everything has been well chilled. Another thing that most people don’t realize is the fact that most everyone adds a bit of soy sauce to the rice and veggies for flavor and color. That, my friends, is what I did next–I added a leftover packet of soy sauce to my rice. I stirred to coat it all, and then plopped it into a pan. A non-traditional addition I made was a bit of sea salt and coarse pepper, and a touch more soy sauce to suit my taste. It was DELICIOUS.

Tonight two different types of yummies were made. My mom fried up some

The chips. Soooo good. The quality on the photo is bad since it was on my phone. Sorry!

The chips. Soooo good. The quality on the photo is bad since it was on my phone. Sorry!

tortillas for the carnitas we had for dinner, and she used the leftover oil to fry up some homemade chips out of tortilla pieces. It was DELICIOUS. I didn’t even want salsa, just some salt and I was fine!
The other delicious thing I made today was a home-done vanilla frappuchino. I looked up the recipe, and it’s really not too difficult. Make about a half cup espresso, blend it with a cup and a half of ice, a cup or so of milk, a teaspoon of sugar or sweetener, and a generous shot of flavored syrup. We have vanilla in the house, so I used that–and wowza! It was the same consistency as the chain-bought variety, and even more delicious. I was impressed. I drank it before I even finished the first paragraph of this post!

The blended coffee! It was yummers. (camera, bad, sorry, etc)

The blended coffee! It was yummers. (camera, bad, sorry, etc)

My friends, siblings, mother, and I have been in loose discussions for hard-set plans–a Halloween party this year, since the holiday falls on a Saturday. Though themes for Halloween parties are usually not a good idea, we’re doing a “Storybook” theme and all of us (sans my mom and Michael) are coming as Alice in Wonderland characters to host a mad  tea party for all of our “storybook” character guests. (The invitation will specify fictional characters that are child-friendly as we will have a lot of kids coming.)
I’m going to be the March Hare, and my original plan was to buy all the pieces and make the ornate coat I want to wear. However, I’ve been told that due to monetary constraints, I must do the opposite–make or reuse or purchase all of the other items of my costume, and buy the coat, since it’ll cost less. I’ve decided to buy a pirate coat, so it’s something I can re-wear when Renaissance Faire comes, but I’m torn between a good quality but plain brown coat, and a not-as-good-quality lace-edged “bucaneer” dress that I’d alter to be a more ornate coat-like piece. The first could be reused at Faire for Michael’s use, and so could the second for me but with a bit more difficulty as my costume is that of a peasant. I dunno. I’m leaning towards the crappy one because it’d be really awesome-looking.
One thing that I am for sure going to make is a vest for myself. I originally was going to go to Joann Fabrics to look for something silky and fun, but then I

The fabric from the shorts. Again, bad quality from my phones camera.

The fabric from the shorts. It's going to be horribly tacky and I love it!!!

remembered that 1) I can’t afford it and 2) I already HAVE a fun patterned fabric to work with! Last week my setpdad gave me a pair of extra-baggy and long men’s shorts that he didn’t want. They are mostly white with purple white and gray plaid all over it. I deconstructed the shorts to find that they are made from a massive amount of material and would be more than enough to make a vest out of! Assuming I get the bad quality jacket (since it’d work better with this costume) this would look really horrible with it, haha. BUT it’ll give me the chance to practice patternmaking, since I’m sort of just doing this on my own and on the cheap. I really hope everything comes together!! Keep reading and I’ll keep posting updates on it–and a comment or two of encouragement wouldn’t hurt, either 😉